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Scholarship Program: "Becas Air: Tech Leaders of Tomorrow"
Status: open
Type/Format: online, classroom, blended
Directed to/Skills: open to everyone, students, graduates, postgraduates
Nationalities: All countries
That live in (country of residence): all nationalities
Age: 18+
Vacancies/Number of Seats: Unlimited




The Air Institute and its patrons and partners offers a training and/or research online/classroom/blended scholarship program for you to deepen your knowledge, use and analysis of innovative, disruptive and emerging technologies most in demand by society and with greater prospects.


Scholarship recipients will receive a certificate of accreditation from the Air Institute and the corresponding collaborating entities once the activity (studies, research) that is the object of the scholarship has been completed and passed.


FOR WHOM (Aimed at / Directed to / Recipients)
The scholarships are open to everyone and -in particular- to support the development of excellence within groups with few or scarce resources. That is, open to all people, and specifically to those with an outstanding academic or professional career and/or limited economic, technological, or other resources.


The scholarships are focused on promoting talent and fostering training and/or research in disruptive and/or emerging disciplines in a labor market dominated by digitization and continuous improvement of skills.

With the commitment to ensure that technological advances leave no one behind, the scholarships are designed to reduce the potential risk of inequity arising from the social impact of technological advances. Thus, seeking to meet the training needs of individuals, in response to a knowledge divide in society or in specific population groups, such as populations at risk of exclusion for reasons of age, gender or place of birth, among others.


FIELDS OR AREAS (Categories)
The scholarships are aimed both at promoting training and/or research in areas related to cutting-edge technologies, as well as the development of its fundamentals.

Thus, on the one hand, the fields of research and/or areas of knowledge related to all disruptive or emerging technologies and specifically, those linked to the matters of interest to the Air Institute Foundation, in particular, Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Deep learning, E-Health, Energy, Fintech, Internet of Things (IoT), Natural Language Processing, Quantum Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Smart Cities, Social Computing among others.

And on the other hand, the development of fundamentals for the understanding and leveraging of disruptive or emerging technologies and specifically, all those linked to the research interests of the Air Institute Foundation, in particular, computer science, economics, business administration, marketing, finance, accounting, medicine, languages, education, social sciences, and combinations of the above, in particular, entrepreneurship, educational technology, elearning, financial technology, financial technology education, among others.


Studies and/or fields of research offered by the Foundation itself, partners and/or collaborators, with which it has or develops collaboration agreements that include the field of training, and through the different platforms, projects and initiatives in which it participates or collaborates, currently or in the future.

Among others, specifically, learning and/or training programs offered by the BISITE research group, partners or collaborators (e.g., courses, expert degrees or master's degrees, among others).


FINANCIAL AND NON-FINANCIAL SUPPORT (Economic endowment and more)
The amount and form of the scholarship will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Competitive award: based on criteria that will be defined in the regulatory bases with which the beneficiaries of the scholarships will be selected.

Simple or direct award: grants for which there is no competition and for which the funds are released directly on the training or research action (i.e., covering, in whole or in part, the activity that is the object of the aid), with the fulfillment of the requirements by the beneficiaries and awarded in order of application until the budget allocation is covered.


If applicable, the requirements that participants will have to meet for admission will be define in the regulatory bases.


Documents relating to the grants and scholarships: