Eduroam is a global wireless network whose main objective is to provide seamless and secure connectivity to users in educational and research environments. Its purpose is to allow users to access the network transparently when visiting other participating institutions.

The Eduroam service allows users to use their login credentials from their home institutions to access the wireless network at any participating institution worldwide. This means that anyone who is enrolled in an educational or research institution that is part of the Eduroam network can access it using their usual credentials.

The Eduroam wireless network offers access to all the services available on the wired network but does not replace it due to availability and speed limitations. It is an ideal complement to the fixed network, as it permits all the members of an institution to freely move from one location to another. In fact, when a user connects via the wireless network, they automatically join the same network they use on their desktop computer, with no limitations except for those they may encounter on the fixed network when accessing authorized services.

To ensure the security of user communications, Eduroam's wireless network uses advanced security technologies such as data encryption and authentication. These measures protect the privacy and integrity of communications. In addition, the service has been designed for ease of use and provides a consistent connection experience, eliminating the need to manually configure the wireless network connection at each institution that users visit.

AIR Institute provides access to the Eduroam network to its researchers as well as individuals from other institutions, thereby enabling the mobility of the research population.

If you are experiencing any problems with accessing the network at AIR, please send an e-mail to soporte@air-institute.com.