The main objective of the AIR Institute in this initiative is to create a laboratory dedicated to generative Artificial Intelligence, called GenAI, which on the one hand generates knowledge about new generative AI systems, as well as enhancing them (both algorithms and methods for local learning and predictive strategies and generation of future scenarios, neural networks), and, on the other hand, to transfer this knowledge for its innovative exploitation by companies in the regional industrial fabric, providing accessible and easy-to-use services. The generative Artificial Intelligence models will be deployed on this laboratory, allowing other entities to research and use these technologies.

Policy Objective

OP 1: A more competitive and intelligent Europe, promoting innovative and intelligent economic transformation and regional connectivity to information and communication technologies.


261.520,81 €


130.760,40 €

Call for Proposals

Investment support grants for the improvement of the scientific and technological capacities of the technological centers of the Community of Castilla y León co-financed by the Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER).


Action financed by the line of the Regional Ministry of Economy and Finance to support investment to improve the scientific and technological capabilities of the Technological Centers of the Community of Castilla y León, co-financed by FEDER.

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