The impact of Blockchain

In some sectors, Blockchain continues to have a sceptical public. This can cause a delay in the introduction of Blockchain into those sectors, however sooner or later this technology will become an integral part of them; it’s not something that can be stopped.

If we look back in time, the 60s marked the beginning of the internet and it wasn’t until the 90s that its impact became truly visible, thanks to the invention of website navigation.

In the case of Blockchain, it was first proposed in the form of a cryptocurrency which emerged in 2009. It has been almost ten years and businesses are now beginning to think about this technology; a high number of organizations are still not using this technology and many are not planning on doing so in the future.

The sectors that must be cautious about the transformation that the incorporation of Blockchain will have on finance services, medical attention, retail and management of different supply chains. Generally, Blockchain will be applied to where it is possible to optimize the opportunity to verify the identities of the sellers and the traceability of products. So, who and what will stay out of it?

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