Artificial Intelligence and commercial development II

The previous article explains that synergies can be developed between systems based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and commercial development. However, it is important to provide more insight into the types of synergies that can be developed.

The first thing that must be made clear is that the majority of synergies emerge from the management of a large quantity of data which, when transformed into knowledge, will make those technologies fundamental for determining future marketing strategies. Some features of intelligent systems are key to remaining on the market, including the ability to learn the habits and behaviour of any consumer, their shopping activities and interests, which allows to engage clients in the most relevant content. It is also important to construct a better and more profound understanding of the public, above all, in the processes targeted at the client and not the product. Last but not least is the briefing of the different AI based commercial developments, it is important to invest in the knowledge and development of voice search systems and digital assistants; those technologies are playing an increasingly important role in digital marketing.

In a nut shell, learning about the behaviour and interaction of users will determine our future decisions.

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