The security of working with data

A growing body of laws regulates the handling of data. The main factor that led to the passing of so many regulations is the growing need to ensure the protection of users; this is not a want but a need that must be met.  

Loss of reputation and finances after a cyberattack may be greater if our stakeholders fail to fulfil a series of rigorous compromises. However, why work for security? All compromise comes from commitment to working with data, developed with a large set of tools and external applications that at the same time store information on the cloud.

We must be conscious of the importance of cybersecurity. If we do not ensure security in cyber operations, the whole organization is affected and not just the IT department. If we believe that in the majority of cases we rely on robust protection systems, it is no more our obligation to find someone for the position of a Security Director; instead we must take one step forward and implement clear and specific internal protocols, that will be followed at all times and we will apply the same protocols externally with our stakeholders. It would be good to start by establishing a periodic vulnerability assessment and contingency plans.

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