The reaction to human emotions

One of the most talked about topics concerns the immediate future of technology, precisely its interaction with humans. The most popular representation of this idea is through robots.

The images that are constantly thrown at us and often shown in films, are those of absolute interaction of humans with machines, in some cases we’re shown a world where it would no more be possible to differentiate between a human and a robot, if it weren’t for the props.

Although it’s true that we’re taking giant steps in this direction, we’re quite far from achieving the level of interaction shown to us in science fiction. In any case, the creation of robots that will be capable of reacting to human emotions is a field that we’re working on in the AIR-Institute, the technology that opens the door to those possibilities is Deep Learning which uses deep neural networks in learning tasks. We not only use it in the development of robots but also in many different fields, such as the detection of similar objects in images or health complications prediction.

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