The development of industry 4.0 and water management.

Industry 4.0 brings about revolutionary changes by introducing new technologies and digitising industrial processes. The companies that are involved in water cycle management have begun to adopt industry 4.0 technologies, improving connectivity, data collection, decision making and monitoring.

IoT is becoming a crucial technology in water processing. The development and increase in IoT devices allows to capture more data in real time and obtain more accurate information. This, in turn, contributes to the efficiency of water cycle management. Thus, IoT and water cycle management experience simultaneous growth. 

Smart metering means delivering intelligent network information to the citizen; services such as early failure detection, greater energy efficiency, optimized cycle processes, etc, can all be offered thanks to this technology. 

One of the most important systems for the water cycle is the Low Power Wide Area Network which, together with others, represents a qualitative and quantitative improvement of smart meters. The new systems provide solutions for wireless data transmission, global interconnection will also be supported by 5G.

Air Institute's projects involve the development of new applications for industry 4.0 technologies, including IoT.