Improving the digital experience for better working conditions

A VMware report examines how digital technologies influence the workers’ conditions. The results demonstrate that skills in the latest digital technologies contribute to business productivity. According to this report, companies that invest in people with higher education and experience in digital technologies achieve greater growth. Employees in turn, view those companies as better places to work.

Respondents say that their opinion about a company is highly influenced by its digital experience. In fact, 86% of the employees that were surveyed believe that it is important for human resources departments to pay more attention to improving the workers' experience in digital technologies. Furthermore, according to this report, 74% of Spanish workers consider the versatility of the digital tools available an important factor when choosing a job and 73% believe that companies should prioritize this aspect. 

Technology facilitates the work of employees which is why it is so highly valued by them. Satisfaction and pride of belonging to a company is much higher in workers who can perform their tasks from home or other places, than in those who are not allowed to use new technologies for this purpose (74% versus 26%, respectively).

At Air Institute we strive to provide companies with technologies that improve the employees working conditions.