New technologies in rural areas

The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are the technologies that are driving the digitization of rural areas.

Hispasat and Eurona have joined forces in the development of several technological projects that seek to facilitate the use of technology agriculture with the aim of improving livestock and crop yields. Their aim is to foster the digital transformation of rural areas, reducing the digital gap between cities and villages. To do so, they use technologies such as satellite and WiFi hotspot that offer better connectivity.

For now, two projects are on the way. One for the control and location of livestock through GPS devices which are being monitored at all times by the Digitalanimal start up.

The other project is related to agriculture; connectivity is being established on Floretteā€™s crops by means of WiFi hotspots. Thanks to this technology it is possible to manage the crops remotely by means of mobile devices.

At Air Institute we help companies get involved in collaborative projects that will enable the development of applications and technology facilitating the development of rural areas.