The Intelligence of Things: Beyond the Internet of Things

The time has come to move beyond the much talked about Internet of Things, objects are already connected to the internet; it’s time to go a step further. The new trend is to provide connected objects with artificial intelligence, "The Intelligence of Things".

The inventions presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) were curious, to say the least. They can be considered excellent examples of the Intelligence of Things.  The multinational Procter & Gamble (P&G) company has presented a robot that resembles in style the already popular automated vacuum cleaners.

However, instead of cleaning peoples’ carpets; with the help of a simple mobile phone notice this robot delivers toilet paper.  In addition, it detects CO2 levels, and a warning pops up on its screen to prevent the unpleasant sensation produced by bad smells.

Another sector that continues to develop its connected objects is agriculture. At CES, multiple proposals were presented for this sector, from tractors and autonomous machinery to software systems for quantifying and monitoring the state of harvests.

Mc Donald has even announced that it is working on an intelligent system that will enable Mc Auto to work with a voice assistant in the future. Air Institute helps companies implement artificial intelligence in their systems and products, contributing to the increase in the daily use of new technologies.