Employability in the technology sector: Ecommerce and Marketing

The people who want to enter the labour market must be aware of the professions that are in demand. Specialists in new technologies are still among the most sought-after employees. However, different technological profiles are required, given that the needs of each sector are different.  

Engineering and industry are now closely associated with robotics and digitalization. While, ecommerce, marketing and sales are some the largest employers of technology professionals.

In the Ecommerce sector, human resource managers seek experts capable of enhancing the customer experience through digital channels. This includes the development and operation of chatbots, artificial intelligence and speech analytics. There is also an increase in demand for professionals that can automate marketing processes, especially through machine learning.

In addition, the ecommerce sector continues to employ programmers because it wants to get the most out of digital media and to analyse the target audience using big data.

All of this is included in the commercial and marketing strategies of Digital Managers.

Marketing and Sales develop Customer Success strategies which involve technicians who know how to create a brand's that differs from the rest on the market.                                          

Such professionals are required to not only have a great understanding of communications, but also knowledge of Software as a Service (SaaS), CRM and the ability to create business and digital marketing strategies that meet the needs of customers and businesses.

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