The Cloud, a source of opportunities and risks caused by the dispersion of data.

The cybersecurity firm McAfee has issued the Enterprise Supernova: Data Dispersion, Cloud Adoption and Risk Report that addresses issues related to data security in the cloud.

IT Shadow continues to be a risk: 26% of files in the cloud contain sensitive data and 91% of services do not encrypt data at rest, meaning that data is not protected if the cloud provider is attacked.

Personal devices accessing services and downloading enterprise data from the cloud pose a danger. 79% of companies enable access to their data from private devices. This data is no longer controlled by the company once it has been downloaded.

Collaboration between companies and individuals means that data and cloud services are transferred and shared, which is a new risk. Almost half of the files uploaded to the cloud are shared, where 1 in 10 files contain sensitive data.

Data protection has reached a new stage. Most corporate security managers are in charge of securing their data in the cloud. However, companies that lack security professionals still account for 30%. The rapid expansion of the cloud has surpassed both, technology and cyber security training.

Helping companies protect their data is one of the objectives of the Air Institute, which continues to work on developing cyber security systems.