New technologies for the fight against the COVID crisis

The current pandemic has doubled the use of technologies and techniques such as automation, IoT, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. The increased use of new technologies is helping make digitisation a permanent feature for companies and individual workers.


A study carried out by Entelgy has evaluated the importance of each technology in the current crisis, which we have summarized as follows:

During this crisis many companies have invested in automating their processes as the only way to continue operating. Although not all processes can be automated, the current crisis has highlighted the need for the development of this technology that will serve to adapt companies to the new technological paradigm.

The Internet of things has made it possible to safely collect data, and thus, protect the health of workers. In addition, it is helping people coexist at their homes are workplaces without the need for closer contact.


Cloud Computing is being given multiple applications in the wake of the pandemic. Cloud Computing systems provide access to servers and allow to share data regardless of where workers and data collection devices are located.


In fact, it has been demonstrated that companies that host their data in the cloud are more efficient and they do not have to rely on their physical structure.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are used to discover the virus protein, which makes them fundamental in the fight against the virus. In addition, both technologies are being used to monitor infections and control possible new outbreaks.


In addition, there are tools which facilitate teleworking. At Air Institute we are helping companies establish technological mechanisms which will help them carry out their work in the best possible conditions, despite COVID-19.