Cloud Computing and AI in business management.

At Air Institute we are working on the development of a Deep Learning engine that will support a Cloud-based Integrated Development Environment. The purpose of this engine will be to develop services and functionalities to be used by users in a simple way, being designed for both expert and non-expert staff.

To facilitate digital transformation, the project gives priority to the use of the Cloud Computing technology that favours the transformation of companies.

The project we are working on will make the digital transformation more effective by providing companies with Cloud Computing and Big Data solutions for maximum efficiency. The resulting engine will, by means of Artificial Intelligence, accompany the user in the use of the company's services.

Moreover, microservice architectures are highly demanded by companies due to their scalability and robustness; these features optimize the companies' work.

In short, the project aims to optimize the performance of the equipment and the reuse and generation of quality code.

At Air Institute we strive to provide companies with the best technological solutions to achieve a more efficient and productive business environment.