Launching a new project: DIH-World

DIH-World is a new project whose main goal will be to promote the implementation of new technologies in European SMEs operating in the manufacturing industry. On the 10th of July, we participated in the kick-off of this grand project along with 40 other partners from all corners of the world.

The project will foster the digital transformation of SMEs by providing them with all the resources; the knowledge, solid tools, proven technologies, efficient methodologies, intelligent investment sources, valuable training assets and, in short, an environment that promotes innovation.

All this will help SMEs create an ideal environment for collaboration and union, especially those in the less popular regions of Europe.

Providing SMEs with the support they need is also the key to strengthening DIHs and to preventing their fragmentation. Moreover, maintaining DIHs’ union will require continuous access to technologies, networks, investment and infrastructure.

At AIR Institute, we look forward to seeing SMEs achieve sustainable competitive advantages thanks to the project.