A connected mirror as a safety device for COVID-19

A connected mirror as a safety device for COVID-19

A Galician company has developed an intelligent mirror that helps to avoid COVID-19 infections.  The tool developed by the Empathytool company evidences the countless benefits of new technologies, particularly of artificial intelligence.

The mirror allows us to inform a person of their vital signs and to control the capacity of a shopping or leisure centre. Besides the innumerable uses that an AI mirror may have, the information is shown on the image which makes communication more pleasant.

This mirror, called LifeQualityMirror, could replace the current digital thermometers which beep in case of fever, interrupting with one's privacy. The LifeQualityMirror does not have those disadvantages, in addition it can provide businesses with a lot of information; physiological- and safety-related.

In addition to managing the capacity of the premises and measuring the temperature of the customers, this device could recognise the individuals who do not wear a mask or who do not comply with the established standards.

Thus, this tool facilitates work in shops, providing everyone with a solution to the problems generated by the coronavirus.

The market for connected objects continues to grow, and in these difficult times it is providing solutions to many problems caused by the virus, demonstrating that the rise of technologies such as artificial intelligence is one of the greatest advances that humanity has made in recent years.

At Air Institute we strive to ensure that companies continue to innovate and generate new resources to make people's lives easier through new technologies.