Machine versus machine

Since the creation of the first video games in the 70s, "the machine" was a rival to play against when there was no other human to compete with.

Well, today machines have become a much more complex reality, a rival based on artificial intelligence that makes its own decisions. In fact, Artificial Intelligence already has a large number of victories over humans. But now, AI can play on its own, without the need for a human.

In fact, the Reinforcement Learning Competition (RLC), is the first sports competition in Vietnam in which artificial intelligence technologies will compete against each other. The great challenge for engineers is to develop an artificial intelligence system capable of defeating other artificial intelligence systems.

To win, engineers must develop a learning algorithm capable of making its own decisions and of learning from mistakes.

A thousand engineers have signed up for this tournament hoping to beat their rivals and thus win a cash prize and the chance to take a free course with the FTP Software company.

At Air Institute we strive towards the further development of new Artificial Intelligence systems that will generate new functionalities for all sectors.