Spain, a reference in Artificial Intelligence.

Experts from numerous companies have pointed to Spain as one of the leading countries in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is already being used in multiple internal operations in a large number of companies, it is also facilitating the use of the services accessed by any citizen.

According to the experts, Spain plays an important role in the development of this technology, as it is a pioneer in many of its facets and is transferring the advances made here to other countries.

At a meeting of experts in Artificial Intelligence, organized by elEconomista, Richard Benjamins, head of AI strategy and data at Telefónica, set out several steps to be followed by companies: the use of AI to improve internal operations and machine learning to improve the mobile network; the personalization of customer relations; the creation of insights for a variety of specific sectors; and the use of data for social purposes (prediction and control of catastrophes, pandemics, migrations, etc.).

At the meeting, the ethics of data use and the social implications of the application of new technologies were also discussed. In this regard, it is undeniable that the future will be built on collaboration between humans and machines.

At Air Institute we strive to help companies integrate artificial intelligence while working on the development of new technologies that will lead to social improvements.