Secure Internet of Things, a priority for the European industry

European organisations have set their heart on the Internet of Things as the main element of digitisation. Industries are already being digitised, however, to complete this process successfully, the security of connected objects and industrial control systems must be prioritized.

Despite the current crisis, digitisation has continued to progress. In fact, supply chains have started to invest in hiring professionals capable of digitising their industrial processes. A report by McKinsey & Company shows that companies who had implemented digital media before the pandemic feel safer during the crisis.

As digitisation advances, more than a third of the companies are concerned about the security of connected objects, especially "data breaches" and supply chain attacks.  This is why there is a growing need for professionals working in IT security, as well as IT professionals. Among the European companies surveyed by McKinsey & Company, one third of IT security staff are involved in digitised IOT systems.

At Air Institute, we work to offer robust security systems to companies implementing IOT and other technologies.