CO-APS an app that will fight against COVID by giving information on crowding in public transport

Even though it looks like the risk of Covid-19 spreading on public transport is low, we are living in the "new normal" and must take precaution to make sure that we keep being able to move around our towns and cities.

For public transport to remain safe, the CO-APS application has been created. This app helps prevent crowding, reducing the risk of coronavirus transmission.

Wearing a face mask and not talking during travel are some of the measures we take to protect ourselves from the virus. However, if we cannot maintain the safety distance we could still be exposed to the virus, that is why it is very important for us to be aware of the number of people using public transport at any given time.

The application sends real-time information to users on the crowing in public transport, enabling them to make the best choice regarding the transport service they use.

To collect this information, the app users must send their own data. To make this a fun process for the user, the information is collected through a series of games, ensuring that the app is updated continuously. Thus, it is the user who shares their information with others while having fun. And at the same time, they participate in the fight against Covid.

So don't hesitate any longer and DOWNLOAD the APP, help us pilot this project and combat COVID-19.

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