Extra revenue for traditional companies thanks to blockchain

Although in recent years the business environment has not undergone major changes in terms of structural innovation, it is vitally important that traditional companies evolve towards decentralized ecosystems.

These decentralized ecosystems are powered by blockchain technology, which is revolutionizing the way we interact, transact and share information.

Traditional companies have no choice but to join decentralized systems or risk being left behind as the world continues to adopt DeFi, DApps and smart contracts.

Today, most of these companies have centralized structures. In contrast, financial projects are already starting to become decentralized.

Blockchain technology and decentralized systems will solve problems such as transparency and efficiency. Therefore, the society is expected to transition to this type of platforms in order to deliver products and services that are more secure, accessible and transparent than ever before.

Many traditional companies can benefit from decentralized systems, as the majority require real-time data (e.g., stock quotes, sports scores, weather, etc.). Thus, any traditional company that can provide reliable real-world data should take advantage of the growing demand and start using decentralized applications, commercializing the data and earning extra revenue thanks to blockchain technology.

The future is all about decentralization and we are only at the beginning of the revolution. Nonetheless, our society must learn about these technological advances in order to make the decentralized ecosystem work. At Air Institute we strive to make people's lives easier and safer by developing blockchain. Would you like to learn more about it?