The European Commission includes AIR Institute in the largest community mapping of technology centres

The European Commission has included AIR Institute in its Technology Centre Mapping, the catalogue of ATI Technology Centres in the EU with a proven track record and prominence in their area of action.

To be included in this group it is necessary to meet a series of requirements that testify good performance as a technology center: provide services to industry and SMEs; be active in at least one of the Advanced Technologies for Industry, and be active in the higher Technology Readiness Levels.

In addition, at least two of the following objectives must have been achieved in the last 2-3 years: more than 10 projects with SMEs; more than 2 major investments in equipment for close-to-market R&D activities with industry; at least 15% from industrial funding in the total annual funding of the Centre, or at least 7% from projects with SMEs in the total turnover of the Centre.

The AIR Institute, in its continuous effort to offer both advice and technological tools to all corporations and institutions that require them, has surpassed these criteria and has managed to become part of this group, which brings together the best technology centres in the EU-27.

This is undoubtedly excellent news, both for the AIR Institute and for the IoT Digital Innovation Hub and all the initiatives in which we participate. By appearing in such a prestigious mapping we will be able to reach even more SMEs, assisting them in their digital transformation and therefore in the development of disruptive technologies and their implementation in the European industry.

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What is an ATI Technology Centre? (source: European Commission) 

ATI Technology Centres help SMEs cross the 'Valley of Death' and go from lab to market to develop and produce new ATI-based products. They help companies reduce the time-to-market for new innovation ideas.

ATI Technology Centres are public or private organisations carrying out applied research and close-to-market innovation (Technology Readiness Levels TRL 3 to 8, not necessarily the whole range) in Advanced Technologies for Industry.

Technology Centres typically provide the following services to SMEs:

- Access to technology expertise and facilities for validation;

- Demonstration;

- Proof of concept / lab testing

- Prototype development and testing;

- Pilot production and demonstration/ pilot lines / pre-series

- Product validation / certification