The secretariat of state for tourism includes several projects of the Air Institute in its Catalog of Technological Solutions for Smart Tourism

The Secretariat of State for Tourism, through its specific agency for the promotion of Innovation and Tourism Technologies SEGITTUR, has launched its Catalogue of Technological Solutions for Smart Tourist Destinations, in which several of our projects are included.

The Catalogue is a complete collection of solutions and services classified according to the core areas covered by the Smart Tourism Destination model: governance, sustainability, innovation, technology and accessibility. The category 'Covid-19' has been added to these five main areas, to classify the solutions pertaining to this field.

Both SEGITTUR and the AIR Institute hope that this Catalogue will be of great use to public managers, and that they will find in it an effective compilation of solutions and services that will help them manage their travel services in the best possible way.

Among the included solutions are:


This proposal aims to balance the flow of tourism and promote the sustainable use of natural resources. The solution is based on a decentralized system that incentivizes locals and tourists to direct their visits to less visited areas using Blockchain. The system is able to detect users who have changed the flow, so that it indicates both the area to which it belongs and the specific incentive (establishment, event, museum, bus trip, etc.).


Co-APS is a mobile application that helps improve tourism confidence regarding the spread of COVID-19 by managing density on public transport and in public spaces. CO-APS collects anonymous user, city and third-party service data to provide relevant crowd and density information to public transport operators and city authorities.


Loyaltour enables the provision of new capabilities for customer loyalty through the recommendation and development of tailored services, products and tour packages thanks to data analysis using Machine Learning and Deep Learning models. The platform uses Smart Contracts in the loyalty process so that customers automatically receive the agreed bonuses according to the services purchased in order to obtain discounts, attendance to private events, exclusive promotions or other premium products thanks to customer loyalty.