AIR Institute collaborates in a research on COVID-19 prediction

The Technological University of Panama (UTP) has presented the Epidempredict platform, a project that aims to predict the evolution of COVID-19 in Panama through the use of Artificial Intelligence. The project is a result of the international collaboration between the Research Group on Emerging Computational Technologies (GITCE) of the UTP with the AIR Institute and the BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca.

Epidempredict is being developed by Juan Manuel Corchado, director of BISITE / president of AIR, and by Lilia Muñoz, Vladimir Villarreal, Inés Sittón and Mel Nielsen from UTP.

The project is in its final stage and the results are expected to provide a tool for the management of this health crisis to be used by decision-makers and the community in general. According to the researchers, this platform, based on real data and proven models, will contribute to reducing the impact of the epidemic: with fewer patients, fewer deaths, better use of existing material, optimization of material acquisition, better hospital and primary care services, optimization of human resources and reduction of contagions.

Epidempredict has aroused much interest in Panama, and its launch has been covered by major national media outlets such as El Siglo, Metro Libre, La Estrella o El Capital Financiero.