Blockchain and Smart Contracts: the technology that will secure our data in a digital society

Forbes Spain has published an article a few days ago which pointed to the near-future indispensability of Blockchain, and specifically Smart Contracts, for the protection of company data/transactions and those of the society at large.

Although research centres such as AIR Institute have been talking about this for several years, the fact that a media outlet like Forbes has published an extensive and detailed informative report is excellent news for all those who are working to make Blockchain mainstream, as it will help the general population and companies understand the importance of this technology and the growing need of adopting it in all processes.

In the digital society, where data is more vulnerable than ever, establishing reliable and robust systems can make a real difference. As the Forbes article points out, Blockchain can help establish traceability and decentralized data protection systems that help make it more difficult to manipulate or extract information for malicious purposes.

Forbes highlights how Blockchain can be especially useful in areas such as business or property management: with a Smart Contract, every transaction, rental, renovation or change of ownership of a real estate property can be registered in a fully trustworthy manner. But not only that, if an owner wants to buy an apartment, divide it and rent separate rooms, but the investment exceeds their possibilities, Blockchain allows them to tokenize it and sell parts to third parties in the form of cryptocurrency.

Another sector which Blockchain could revolutionize is healthcare, as it is a relatively simple solution to the problem of privacy and the management of sensitive data. Institutions will no longer be the ones who store the information of all their patients, instead the patient will have control over all their medical information, accessible to them at any time and kept in a single place.

At AIR Institute we promote and work on projects that use disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning or Internet of Things. If you want more information you can contact us and we will provide you with guidance so that your company or institution adopts the most appropriate measures to optimize all your processes and protect your information.

Blockchain will soon reach all areas of our life and AIR Institute will help make this a reality.