AIR Institute: a bridge between ICT research and private funding

One of AIR Institute's greatest strengths is found outside its walls, that is, AIR Institute partners. Over the course of the different projects in which we have participated, we have established synergies with a large number of national and international partners, which has created an ideal environment for carrying out the most disruptive and innovative R&D&I projects.

Some of the most important corporations and public institutions in the agricultural, technological and industrial sectors are among our partners, which makes us an excellent gateway for the transfer of knowledge and results between research and the private sector.

In addition, several company executives and university academics we have partnered with, are now part of our advisory board, strengthening the bond with our collaborators and beneficiaries. In short, they demonstrate that AIR Institute's know-how and the trust placed in us results in outstanding results.

About AIR Institute

AIR Institute is a private non-profit research organization whose objective is the promotion and development of scientific research in the field of Computer Science, ICT and AI.

This technological center is composed of a multidisciplinary team of researchers working to promote innovation in the field of Information and Communication Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, AIR Institute is specialized in providing services related to Big Data, Deep Tech, Natural Language Processing, Blockchain, IoT, Mobility, Data Architecture, Cloud Computing and process automation, among many other technologies in which its staff has many years of experience and has collaborated in projects with internationally renowned companies. AIR Institute is continuously developing R&D&I projects that are related to these technologies, for this reason it has all the equipment, means, knowledge and staff necessary for this task, in addition to collaborating in the most important networks at European level in technological innovation.

Do you have an idea for a research project or want to take your current work to the next level?

AIR Institute was created to provide support in the following areas:

·       Promote and develop scientific research in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence

·       Create an information society through the development of intelligent systems and advances in the field of computer science.

·       Encourage technological innovation in the field of IT, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Information and Communication Technologies.

·       Boost collaboration with other public and private research centres and universities, especially those located in Castile and Leon, facilitating the establishment of agreements as well as participation in collaborative projects

·       Facilitate social improvement and development, particularly in the field of agriculture through promotion of projects related to information and communication technologies, focused on the application of advances in the field of computer science and artificial intelligence.

·       Contribute to a smart and secure digitalization of the industry through the application of the artificial intelligence in its business/production processes, products and services.

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