Do you need support for your innovation project?

Now more than ever, the need to establish synergies between public and private institutions is key to promote and support talent and innovation. The funding and support they can provide is essential for citizens with ideas to develop their project, whether social entrepreneurship or technological development.

As a center specialized in disruptive technologies, AIR Institute is able to provide clients with the infrastructure and the material and human resources of its partners. We are part of leading European technology networks, thus, collaborating with us can be an excellent way to boost your project.

Our main objectives is to encourage technological innovation in the field of IT, computer science, artificial intelligence and information and communication technologies; to promote talent attraction and retention activities, within the ecosystem of technological actors in the geographical area of the institute, or to facilitate training and professional development in the field of information and communication technologies, computer systems, intelligent systems and especially in novel and disruptive techniques and tools. And, of course, to promote and support entrepreneurship in the field of IT, computer science, artificial intelligence and its application in different fields.

At AIR Institute we are convinced that entrepreneurship is the engine of the society of the future.

About AIR Institute

AIR Institute is a private non-profit research organization whose objective is the promotion and development of scientific research in the field of Computer Science, ICT and AI.

This technological center is composed of a multidisciplinary team of researchers working to promote innovation in the field of Information and Communication Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, AIR Institute is specialized in providing services related to Big Data, Deep Tech, Natural Language Processing, Blockchain, IoT, Mobility, Data Architecture, Cloud Computing and process automation, among many other technologies in which its staff has many years of experience and has collaborated in projects with internationally renowned companies. AIR Institute is continuously developing R&D&I projects that are related to these technologies, for this reason it has all the equipment, means, knowledge and staff necessary for this task, in addition to collaborating in the most important networks at European level in technological innovation.

Do you have an idea for a research project or want to take your current work to the next level?