The SMART FARM Project at the Community Days 2022

The IoT Digital Innovation Hub will hold a Community Days event on 6 May, which is part of the DIH-World project. The event will focus on the importance of cybersecurity in the so-called Industry 5.0. During this session, several projects and success stories will be presented, among them SMART FARM.


The SMART FARM project has designed a system that measures the amount of feed or grain inside a silo. It also allows for the collection of data by means of gas, temperature, and humidity sensors, so that the conservation conditions of the grain may be known. Different types of electronic devices have been implemented to visualise the desired parameters on an online platform in real time, such as the level of feed in the silos or the weight level of the rabbit breeding cages.

We will learn more about this project at the Community Days. The event will be held on 6 May; if you are interested in attending, register here:  Https://Forms.Gle/4rwtGRpusYYY913LG9