At the communitiy days event, IoT DIH partners will showcase a tool that enables data capture at photovoltaic plants

The IoT Digital Innovation Hub is organizing a Community Days event in the framework of the DIH-World project. The event will focus on the importance of cybersecurity in the so-called Industry 5.0. During this session, several projects and success stories will be presented by DIH partners. One of them is the SmartLogger project, developed by the BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca.

In this project, a Data Logger device has been designed and developed to capture, store and send data related to the field of renewable energy generation facilities. It was implemented in self-consumption photovoltaic installations.

SmartLogger functions

The designed device has been conceived to record and transmit data associated with electricity generation and environmental conditions related to generation. The data is sent through mobile communications to an external database. These data will allow the company to detect anomalies in its facilities in order to solve them as soon as possible, minimizing generation losses and increasing the organization's competitiveness.

The event will be held on the 6th of May; if you are interested in attending, register here: Https://Forms.Gle/4rwtGRpusYY913LG9