AIR Institute to recruit technology profiles under the NextGenerationEU "investigo programme"

AIR Institute has been a beneficiary of the "investigo programme" for the recruitment of young researchers through the NextGenerationEU funds. We are currently recruiting for several positions at our facilities in Valladolid and Salamanca.

We are looking for unemployed young people between 16 and 29 years old with a good command of English, training and experience in the field of computer science, telecommunications, electronic engineering or similar. For junior and senior positions such as data science, AI project researcher, expert in blockchain, IoT or Edge Computing.

If you are interested, please send your blind CV through our job portal.

About the Investigo Programme

In the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, in policy lever VIII, one of the objectives is to reform and boost active employment policies, improving the cohesion of the National Employment System, with an approach centred on people and companies, orienting them towards assessable results, coherent with innovation, sustainability and productive transformations, supported by the improvement of skills and the digital transformation of public employment services.

In particular, European analyses have been pointing to the challenge of youth unemployment, which represents a danger for generational balance, and the risk of social and labour exclusion of the most vulnerable groups, with special emphasis on long-term unemployment, and the same applies to the persistence of gender inequality.

The activities covered by the funds granted as part of this programme, will be carried out by people qualified to carry out research projects as researchers, technologists, technical staff and other professionals in R&D&I, as well as, where appropriate, research support staff, facilitating their employment in both the public and private sectors in order to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of research and innovation.