AIR Institute participates in the progress of the CERTIFY project

The CERTIFY Project defines a methodological, technological, and organisational approach to IoT security lifecycle management. CERTIFY has SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) Specific Objectives.

  • Cybersecurity awareness for IoT-enabled environments through a multi-stakeholder sharing of threats and mitigations.
  • Secure reconfiguration and maintenance of customizable embedded devices by means of open hardware primitives and services.
  • Perform security operational management based on bootstrapping and monitoring of attacks and malicious behaviours.
  • Runtime security compliance and continuous certification methodology via objective metrics.
  • Foster knowledge delivery via wide dissemination, capacity building and supporting standardization activities. Build a robust exploitation plan to boost ROI by optimizing current and future EU cybersecurity capabilities.
  • Industrial validation of the CERTIFY framework in IoT ecosystems.

Activities during the first quarter:

The project has been organised in multiple work packages (WP). Each work package has tasks, deliverables, objectives, and milestones. The meeting was organised in two phases: formal presentation and open discussion. In the first phase, the respective owners of the work packages presented the activities to be carried out in order to meet the goals, deliverables, objectives and tasks.

A few days ago, the technical meetings of the CERTIFY project were held online. AIR Institute participated in it as the digitizing entity. The purpose of the meeting was to initiate the activities related to the project, including the technical development.

On 27th January 2023, we had a tech meeting for WP1/T1.1 and T1.2. It was headed by Stefano Sebastio, Valerio Senni from Collins Aerospace. The team presented a template for the preparation of a single living document per use case and to collect all the activities of the use cases.

On 20th February 2023, we had a tech meeting for WP2 T2.1. Project Coordinator Prof. Antonio Skarmeta from the University of Murcia took the lead at this meeting at which bootstrapping was explained by UBITECH, mitigation strategies from Trust Up and automated re-certification from Red Alert Labs.

On 24 Feb 2023 we had a tech meeting for WP1, where all the use case providers discussed the scope, scenarios, threats, and other technical components for their respective use cases. Stefano Sebastio from Collins Aerospace, Dinesh Sharma from Digital Worx GmbH and Eryk Schiller from University of Zurich presented their respective use cases.

During the meeting each of the technical and administrative aspects of the project have been touched upon and discussed in detail. Each partner has a better understanding of the overall structure of the project, the partners, and their contributions.

Collaboration with another EU project

We officially started the project collaboration with another EU project ORSHIN Horizon Europe project 101070008. This collaboration plays a vital role in the growth of both projects.

We had an online meeting where Antonio Skarmeta (Project Lead, CERTIFY Project) and Benedikt Gierlichs, Barbara Gaggl, Daniele Antonioli from ORSHIN Horizon Europe project 101070008 exchanged project ideas and thoughts for a successful collaboration. We examined the objectives of both projects and discovered the synergies and the complementarity between them. We are excited about future collaborations and discussions.