On Tuesday, 11 April 2023, the President of the CRUSOE General Technical Secretariat, Salustiano Mato, met with the president of AIR Institute, Juan M. Corchado, and Javier Prieto, co-founder and secretary of this organization. The purpose of the meeting was to ratify the collaboration agreement between the two organizations. The representatives of AIR Institute presented their areas of work, which are geared towards computer science and artificial intelligence, and expressed their interest in participating in the working groups opened by the CRUSOE Network.

The Conference of Rectors of Universities and Polytechnic Institutes of Southwest Europe (CRUSOE) is an international non-profit association that includes the Universities of Galicia, Castilla-León, Asturias, Cantabria, Northern Region and Central Region of Portugal. This network includes 29 higher education institutions, more than 150 research groups of national reference in Spain and Portugal, and almost 240,000 students from over 40 campuses (4 of them of international excellence).

The CRUSOE Network is an alternative to traditional institutional knowledge networks, and, in addition, it promotes new projects in the macro-regional space of Southwest Europe, RESOE. Since 2011, CRUSOE has been working on the redefinition of a multidisciplinary space for academic collaboration and research and innovation, contributing to the territorial development and smart specialization of Southwest Europe.

Objectives of the CRUSOE Network

The purpose of the organization is to improve the quality of higher education, research, knowledge transfer and innovation, as well as the dissemination of science and culture in order to advance social progress. In addition, the organization represents its member universities and institutes and promotes cooperation between them, administrations, public corporations, and social agents. The organization seeks to consolidate the social commitment of universities and institutes with society, strengthen their quality and cohesion, and defend their autonomy vis-à-vis the public authorities and society. The organization also seeks to be a benchmark in higher education and to promote the internationalization of universities and institutes. Finally, the organization cooperates with public and private entities on projects of common interest and represents the associated universities and institutes before international organizations.