ICE and AIR Institute gather leading tech companies in Salamanca for artificial intelligence event

On yesterday, the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE) and AIR Institute organized an event at the Science Park of the University of Salamanca. This event aimed to support digital transformation through the Centr@tec Program and was attended by leading companies such as Global Exchange, Tradedoubler, and Viewnext. The session titled "Artificial Intelligence - Basis for Success of Technological Companies" aimed to promote collaboration between companies and technology centers to facilitate the digitization of SMEs in Castile and León. The event program included presentations, round tables, and technical demonstrations by experts from different companies and technology centers.
Eduardo Andrés Martínez, managing director of NODDO, the Network of Technology Centers of Castile and Leon, opened the event. "NODDO connects the technology centers to provide services to companies, especially SMEs, micro-enterprises and entrepreneurs," said Eduardo, who believes that in the region "there is a push towards innovation and the development of new applications".
Next, Juan Manuel Corchado, president of AIR Institute, gave a presentation on "Artificial Intelligence: trends and technologies", where he shared information about neural networks and the depth of parameters that current chatbots use, along with the technological revolution that this entails. 

Prior to the technical demonstrations, the round table "Artificial Intelligence, what are companies doing right?" was held, moderated by Corchado himself and with the participation of Roberto López, CEO of Artelnics/Neural Designer; María Jesús Daza, Head of Solutions and Data and AI at Global Exchange; Soraya García Merino, CEO of Tradedoubler, and José Alberto García Coria, Director of Marketing and Communications at Viewnext. 

Finally, and as a practical application of what was shown and discussed during the day, six technology demonstrations were offered by the representatives of different companies and centers: CARTIF, CIDAUT, AIR Institute, ITCL, CTME and Cesefor. Those attending the event took a guided tour of each demonstrator, receiving detailed explanations of different tools and technologies related to artificial intelligence and their application to solve problems or facilitate tasks.

1st Technology Demonstrator: Data processing, analysis and visualization tool. Pablo Chamoso. AIR Institute.

2nd Technology Demonstrator: - s-X-AIPI Project: self-X technologies for collaborative HUMAN-IA applications in the process industry. - AGROVIS Project: Artificial Vision technologies applied to the agri-food sector. CARTIF

3rd Technology Demonstrator: AI and digital twin for energy control in energy intensive industries. Álvaro García Garcia. IT Manager of CIDAUT.

4th Technology Demonstrator: ARP scratching system with AI for the prediction of future tender prices. ITCL.          


5th Technology Demonstrator: Use of AI algorithms to avoid shutdowns in a company of the agricultural sector. David Ayala Dulanto. Head of the Software Engineering Area at CTME.

6th Technology Demonstrator: Forest Inventories and Artificial Intelligence. Mobile device for wood cubing based on photogrammetry. Rodrigo Gómez Conejo. Head of the Digitalization and Applied Technology Area of CESEFOR.