NODDO, the network of centers to which AIR Institute belongs, joins the Spanish Federation of Technology Centers

On June 21st, the Spanish Federation of Technology Centers (Fedit) has just held its annual assembly, where it has approved the incorporation of NODDO (Network of Centers of Castilla y León) as a full member.

NODDO is the main integrator in Castilla León in terms of R&D&I, promoting business competitiveness through innovation. The collaboration and sum of capacities of the technological centers of Castilla y León offer technological solutions in different technical disciplines through NODDO.

After the approval, Eduardo Andrés Martínez, Managing Director of NODDO, addressed the Assembly and stated that "the Network of Technology Centers of Castilla y León acts as an extra layer and is complementary to the technology centers of Castilla y León, which together represent more than 700 professionals and have revenues of 50M€. These Castilla y León Centers embody the spirit of learning from others and are well positioned in Spain and Europe".

During the celebration of the assembly, Fedit ended 2022 with data that confirms the sustained growth of the Technology Centers, which has been progressive in recent years. The total income of the Fedit Centers amounted to 718M€, representing an increase of 8.4%, particularly from business R&D contracts, which grew by 15.2%. The sale of patents has achieved a notable increase in 2022, accounting for nearly 32%.

The 8% growth in the number of staff in technical and research personnel is also noteworthy, representing the quality employment offered by the Fedit Centers.

Regarding the origin of the funds raised by the associated Technology Centers, those coming from the General State Administration (AGE) have grown the most in 2022, by 34%, reaching more than 33M€. This increase is significant and is positively valued by the Federation, which attributes it to its intense negotiating activity with the central government. Nevertheless, this is still far from the percentage of 66% of public funds requested by the group to reinforce the Technology Center model in Spain as a driving agent of innovation. This model aims to achieve a financial balance which will advance in innovation at a national level.

In the words of the president of Fedit, Laura Olcina, "the excellent results of the Federation, as well as the new incorporations, encourage us to continue promoting innovation, improve the competitiveness of our companies and build a smarter and more sustainable society, working hand in hand with Technology Centers".