LUCERNA: explainable artificial intelligence for big data analysis

In the age of data, information has become an invaluable resource. The LUCERNA project emerges as a beacon of innovation on the technology horizon, aimed at demystifying big data processing and analysis. Through a comprehensive and visionary approach, LUCERNA promises to transform the way organisations access, store and analyse their data, empowering their decision making through explainable artificial intelligence.

LUCERNA, whose full description is "Intelligent Framework for the Availability of Processing Services and Explainable Analysis of Big Data", is a visionary initiative that aims to research and design a revolutionary technological framework. This framework aims not only to ensure data availability and service optimisation, but also to empower big data analytics by implementing semantic data lakes, deep neuroevolutionary algorithms and explainable artificial intelligence.

LUCERNA's objectives

The main objective of LUCERNA is to offer a disruptive solution for the processing and analysis of large volumes of data, regardless of the business model of the organisations. To achieve this, the project is based on advanced technologies such as Big Data, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Through the implementation of an innovative methodological and technical framework, LUCERNA aims to demonstrate that it is possible to design agile and adaptable intelligent solutions, opening up a range of possibilities in data capture and analysis.

Explainable Artificial Intelligence

LUCERNA is not only limited to technical implementation. It also addresses a critical concern in the age of Artificial Intelligence: explainability. With the increasing presence of AI in our lives, understanding how algorithms make decisions becomes essential. LUCERNA positions itself as an ethical beacon, proposing that AI must be transparent and explainable to ensure its applicability and control.

Practical Applications and Challenges

From improving healthcare to predicting and mitigating Covid-19, LUCERNA is emerging as a versatile solution with applications in a variety of fields. However, the road to the data revolution is not without its challenges. Classical software engineering methodologies may not be the most appropriate to address today's challenges, giving rise to the need for methods better suited to the uncertainty of data science research.

LUCERNA is more than a technology project; it is a beacon of change illuminating the horizon of big data availability and analytics driven by AIR Institute, Luce Innovation Technologies, Aetical, Alastra and the Innovaton Hub digital IoT. As the world moves into an AI-driven digital era, LUCERNA leads the way towards understanding, control and ethical applicability of the technology. With its methodological and technical framework, LUCERNA promises to bring innovation to data availability and analytics, empowering organisations to make more informed and transformative decisions.