AIR Institute at Startup Olé 2023: health, cybersecurity and internet of things

The tenth edition of Startup Olé is coming to an end. The technological meeting, which has brought more than 750 speakers and 200 companies to Salamanca, has served to present various projects to the attendees, who have shown interest in the work developed by AIR Institute to improve people's lives.

Throughout the duration of the event, AIR Institute had a stand located at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Castilla y León, where many entrepreneurs, members of startups and other interested parties came to find out about the projects being developed.


Projects presented by AIR Institute at Startup Olé 2023

Apapachoa: These are handmade therapeutic cloth dolls with built-in technology, designed to help people of any age cope with their daily lives, improving their quality of life and delaying the adverse effects of a range of pathologies. The therapy proposed by Apapachoa helps to alleviate the negative effects of disorders such as Alzheimer's, autism, stress or communication problems, among others.

CO2 Project: The aim of this project is to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases by monitoring air quality and environmental parameters such as pressure, humidity and especially carbon dioxide levels. It uses a physical device with sensors that collect data. The data can be accessed through a web platform, where information is provided on adequate ventilation in enclosed spaces and alerts are issued when the quality of the air decreases.

Load Crutches: By means of the internet of things (IoT), a device attached to a crutch control and corrects the load exerted by the patient in real time during the rehabilitation process of a variety of conditions. The system transfers the collected data to a platform which is monitored by the physiotherapist. This solution ensures the recovery process is not unnecessarily prolonged. The low manufacturing cost will allow the product to be marketed at a reduced price so that it is accessible to patients who need it.

Spine Care: Helps to maintain a correct posture during activities that affect the spine and prevents back problems in real time. It consists of a T-shirt that is worn under clothing and, through integrated hardware, begins to capture data useful for monitoring and diagnosis. The system has four sensors (thoracic, cervical, and lumbar), a HUB module for acquiring, reading, and sending data, an eight-hour battery life and Bluetooth communications.

Certify: The goal is to raise cybersecurity awareness for Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled environments by securely maintaining devices, monitoring attacks and malicious behaviour. Certify proposes a novel framework for managing security throughout the lifecycle of an IoT device, securely integrating the IoT device and improving the security of open hardware. Thus, it will be useful for use cases such as controlling the traceability of different products and works of art.

Once again, this year, Startup Olé has served as an exhibition and meeting space to learn about the initiatives developed by startups and share technological advances. The hundreds of startups, entrepreneurs, institutions, speakers, and participants that took part in the event were able to learn about the work carried out by AIR Institute and will be able to use and make the most of the different tools and projects in the near future.