Technological Applications in the Agri-Food Industry

On 3 October, the Conference on Technological Applications in the agri-food industry will be held at Fundación Ávila. As part of the conference, technological applications for improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the food industry will be presented, including the success case of NODDO, the Network of Technology Centres of Castilla y León, and the interactive exhibition of real applications.

The event is aimed at managers and technicians in charge of SMEs in the food industry.

You can register for free at this registration link.

There will be technological demonstrators in showroom format where attendees, arranged in small groups, will be able to visit each demonstrator on a rotating basis to facilitate and encourage interaction.

The demonstrators will focus on a smart metering device for silos to optimize feed and water consumption in livestock farms, by AIR Institute; food extrusion and biofilters in greenhouses, by CARTIF; formulation of foods with high nutritional value, by CETECE; digital tools for the collection and study of edible wild mushrooms: Micocyl App and Smartbasket App, by Cesefor; biomaterial solutions for a more sustainable agri-food sector, by CIDAUT; biodegradable polymers with biocidal properties for agricultural applications, by CTME; innovative systems for effluent management in agribusiness, by itagra.ct and production control systems (MES) and maintenance management (CMMS) in a biscuit manufacturing company, by ITCL.

At the conference, reference company cases will also be presented and B2B meetings will be held to identify possibilities for knowledge transfer between participating technology centres, universities, and the attending companies.

Download the conference programme here.

In the event, the following institutions will participate: the Provincial Council of Ávila, the Town Council of Ávila, AIR Institute, CARTIF, CETECE, Cesefor, CIDAUT, CTME, itagra.ct, ITCL.

In collaboration with EEI27, Centratec and NODDO.

Organised by ICE, the Institute for Business Competitiveness and the Junta of Castilla y León.