AIR Institute revolutionizes the agricultural industry with the SmartFarm project

AIR Institute participated today in the conference "Technological Applications in the Agri-Food Industry", an event held at the Fundación Ávila and organized by the Junta of Castilla y León and ICE, with the collaboration of the Centr@tec Program and the Network of Technological Centers of Castilla y León (NODDO).


The objective of the conference, aimed at SME managers and technicians in charge of food industries, was to present technological applications to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the sector. The event was attended by leading companies and the different technological demonstrators that make up the NODDO network were exhibited in showroom format. Thus, those attending the event in Avila were able to become acquainted with the projects of each demonstrator and interact with them, receiving detailed information.


AIR Institute took advantage of its presence at the event to present SmartFarm, an innovative project designed to revolutionize the agricultural industry by accurately monitoring both the feed levels in farm silos and the environmental conditions that can influence the quality of the food. Using technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence, the project seeks to give farmers the ability to access crucial information about their feed reserves in real time, so that they can manage resources, make efficient decisions, and guarantee the health and well-being of their livestock. Those interested were able to see the lite version of the physical device and check its operation through its integration with the DeepINT data platform.


Similarly, the rest of the centers (CARTIF, CETECE, Cesefor, CIDAUT, CTME, ITAGRA and ITCL) presented their tools and projects, including systems for food extrusion and biofilters in greenhouses or biodegradable polymers with biocidal properties for agricultural applications. At the end of the conference, individualized meetings were held to identify possibilities for knowledge transfer between the participating technology centers and universities and the attending companies.