Two new additions to AIR Institute's bioinformatics team

The AIR Institute technology center focuses its activity on national and international projects related to topics such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, blockchain, smart cities and cybersecurity, among many others. In order to work in a more organized and efficient way, it divides its work into different areas, including bioinformatics.

Recently, two new members have joined the bioinformatics team to continue growing and have more capacity to address the challenges of current and future technologies. To this end, the center has a new office in Salamanca with the Center for Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, in addition to the existing ones in Valladolid and Carbajosa de la Sagrada.

Lidia Prieto has a degree in Physics and a Master in Medical Physics. Due to her interest in new trends in artificial intelligence and the application to her sector, she is training in parallel in this team at AIR Institute despite belonging to the Bioinformatics area. In addition, she is particularly interested in projects related to health.

Alberto López has a degree in Biomedical Engineering and is currently studying for a master's degree in Sports Biomechanics. He is part of the team of regenerative medicine projects, which use artificial intelligence to make predictions that can be beneficial to health.

In this way, AIR Institute has more than 100 employees and develops many projects in collaboration with large entities such as Microsoft, different ministries of the Government of Spain or Global Exchange, in addition to its integration in NODDO, the Network of Technology Centers of Castilla y León.