GVIS Research Group of the University of León, member of DIGIS3, offers AI support to Microptic

The Vision and Intelligent Systems Research Group (GVIS) of the University of León, within the framework of the European DIGIS3 project, has established a strategic collaboration with Microptic S.L., a Hamilton Thorne company. The aim is to enhance, through the application of artificial intelligence techniques, the capacity of the semen analyser provided by this Barcelona-based company.

To achieve the objectives, the group is working on the labelling of images of samples provided by Microptic, drawing on the valuable feedback offered by the company to the ULE researchers. Using artificial intelligence techniques, specifically deep learning and computer vision, models are being developed to improve various aspects of the sperm analyser. Aware of the importance of innovation in its sector, Microptic values the potential improvements that the application of AI techniques can bring to the analyser.

Improvements could result in the automated extraction of more detailed information from semen samples, delving into various parameters both in the human domain, especially in assisted reproduction techniques, and in the animal domain, where research and production would benefit significantly. The synergy between the GVIS Group, Microptic and DIGIS3 demonstrates the joint commitment to promote research and the practical application of cutting-edge technologies, with the aim of improving efficiency and accuracy in the analysis of biological samples.

About Microptic and GVIS

Microptic is a leading company in the field of research, design, development, sales, installation and service of in vitro diagnostic systems, specialising in the analysis of semen, both human and animal, using artificial intelligence technologies.

For its part, the GVIS Research Group of the University of León is among the 14 research groups of the ULE that are part of DIGIS3, the only European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) of Castilla y León. DIGIS3 is formed by six entities in the region (ULEIoT DIH (AIR Institute), DIHBUDIH-LEAFSCAYLE e ICE), and its objective is to promote the smart, sustainable and cohesive digital transformation of SMEs and public administrations in the region through to 2025.