The artificial intelligence team at the University of Salamanca continues to grow with the addition of new talent

The AIR Institute technology centre is continuously collaborating with the University of Salamanca and other institutions and entities to provide value through national and international projects. To this end, it has increasingly powerful, numerous and multidisciplinary work teams.

Recently, two new members have joined the artificial intelligence department and will be able to carry out their work with the tools required at AIR Institute's new headquarters, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence Centre located in Salamanca.

Manuel Ramos is a physicist and Master in Particle Physics and Astrophysics. He is especially interested in theoretical physics and the application of machine learning algorithms, knowledge that he currently possesses and applies in the SOPHIA project.

Samuel Rey is a mathematician and holds a Master's Degree in Mathematical Engineering and Computer Science. He has joined the AIR Institute team to work on projects related to data science and the development of artificial intelligence models, as in the case of ERA-Airbus, in which the technology centre is collaborating closely and side by side with the airline company.

These are just some of AIR Institute's projects and some of its collaborating organisations. AIR Institute is part of NODDO, the Network of Technology Centers of Castilla y León and works alongside companies such as Microsoft and entities such as the Government of Spain.