New members in the Artificial Intelligence team at the University of Salamanca

AIR Institute, in its constant collaboration with the University of Salamanca, continues to support the growth of disruptive technologies and their fundamental role in national and international projects. This is enabling AIR Institute to work together with large entities and to form multidisciplinary teams capable of developing initiatives in different sectors.

In recent months, many members have joined different teams, including that of artificial intelligence. The staff have the tools and facilities required for their role at AIR Institute's office in Salamanca, located in Avenida Santiago Madrigal.

One of new members is Samuel Adrados, a computer engineer with a Master's Degree in Intelligent Systems from the University of Salamanca. His role as a researcher in the artificial intelligence team involves the application of natural language processing (NLP) to different projects.

On the other hand, Andrés Langoyo is a computer engineer from the Carlos III University of Madrid. He is part of the LIFE Vía de la Plata project, where he analyses environmental data from the city of Salamanca. Another project in which Andrés is involved is GILL, which aims to analyse the impact of gender and equality measures on the population.

AIR Institute is part of NODDO, the Network of Technology Centers of Castilla y León, and collaborates intensively with companies like Microsoft with the aim of transferring the benefits of technology to society.