DIGIS3, the only Spanish EDIH with two important badges of European Digital Innovation Hub Network

The European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) DIGIS3 promotes a smart, sustainable and cohesive digital transformation of SMEs and public administration entities in Castilla y León. The objectives are to enhance the talent and skills needed to facilitate digitisation free of charge, maintaining the necessary communication with companies wishing to use its services and cooperating with other EDIHs.

DIGIS3 working meeting held in Valladolid

The work and commitment of the members of DIGIS3 (AIR InstituteSCAYLEICEDIHBUDIH-LEAF and Universidad de León) is paying off, as they are gradually achieving the proposed goals and offering increasingly comprehensive services for the benefit of the business fabric of the nine provinces of the community. After achieving the status of a European Digital Innovation Hub in 2022, further development has continued and it has recently been awarded two important distinctions by the European Digital Innovation Hubs Network:

  • The DMA (Digital Maturity Assessment) services badge was awarded on 22 November 2023.
  • The Digital Skills recognition badge was awarded on 21 December 2023.

In this way, DIGIS3 has become the only EDIH of the twelve existing in Spain to hold both badges, which is a source of pride but also creates a sense of responsibility to continue fulfilling the set objectives, providing technological support and promoting growth in Castilla y León.