The AIR Institute holds a training session on information technology and agile development

The AIR Institute has held a free training session on the use of information technologies and agile development. The event brought together students and professionals last Friday, 2 February 2024 to focus on the integration of popular solutions such as GitHub and Jira within an agile project development methodology. The main objective was to equip participants with the skills needed to work efficiently in dynamic and collaborative business environments.

The conference was designed to equip students and professionals from the technology sector with the knowledge and practical skills needed to successfully navigate today's constantly evolving and rapidly adapting business environment. Through theoretical sessions and hands-on workshops, participants had the opportunity to learn from AIR Institute experts and directly apply what they learned in real-world scenarios, preparing them to face the challenges of real-world project development.

Through the use of agile methodologies and advanced technological tools, team-based development of large-scale projects becomes more controllable, transparent and efficient, ensuring continuous success and the timely delivery of results. AIR Institute's initiative to deliver this free training session reflects its commitment to promoting quality technology education and its commitment to preparing future professionals to lead the digital transformation in various sectors.

The event not only left a significant impression on the participants but also reaffirmed AIR Institute's role as a key player in the training and dissemination of knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence, software development and technological innovation. With initiatives like this, the AIR Institute continues to strengthen its mission to contribute to the advancement of society through education, research and the practical application of advanced technological solutions.