SOIL Startup: bosting soil sustainability in Europe


Initiatives that drive sustainability aim to balance environmental protection, economic development and social well-being, ensuring that natural resources and biological systems remain healthy and are used responsibly to ensure a viable future for all. These pillars have driven the SOIL Startup project.  

SOIL Startup consists of a consortium of 28 partners from 12 countries who met in Brussels from 15-17 January for the launch of the project which aims to coordinate, support, expand and promote a network that focuses on rescuing soil health through Living Labs and Light Houses.

European soils play a crucial role in sustaining our food production, providing essential ecosystem services such as clean water, carbon sequestration and thriving habitats for biodiversity. However, an alarming 60% of European soils are considered "unhealthy". In this regard, SOIL Startup will work to contribute to the improvement of soils in order to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

Photo courtesy of the SOIL project

Project partners

AIR Institute participates in SOIL Startup, together with 27 other partners, including: ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs), Climate-KIC, ERRIN, Trust-IT Services, LGI, European Food Information Council (EUFIC), Aarhus University, CIHEAM Bari, ÖMKi - Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, ILVO Living Lab Agrifood Technology, European Landowners'​ Organization, IFOAM Organics Europe, European Environmental Bureau, European Forest Institute, Water Europe, ACR+, Association of Cities and Regions for Sustainable Resource Management, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau FiBL, BioSense Institute, Krakow Technology Park, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Deltares, CREA Ricerca, Lancaster University, Cranfield University.