AIR Institute participates in the Tribute to Ramón y Cajal in Salamanca on April 10th

The city of Salamanca, through its main institutions such as the City Council, the USAL and the UPSA, and with the collaboration of the Ramón Areces Foundation, will be paying tribute to Don Santiago Ramón y Cajal on Wednesday 10 April at the Teatro Liceo. Under the slogan "Salamanca: for Cajal and Science", the aim is to turn the city into the capital of science.

The tribute aims to vindicate the figure of Ramón y Cajal as a university student and exemplary citizen who contributed to the prestige of the image of the Spanish all over the world. To this end, a range of lectures will be delivered by prominent figures and experts who will help to disseminate the values of Ramón y Cajal. In addition, the creation of the Cajal and Neurosciences Museum will be promoted, the Declaration of Salamanca for Science will be presented so that 17 October - the date of Ramón y Cajal's death - will be considered a bank holiday, and eight commemorative awards will be presented, four of them aimed at schoolchildren and another four at civil society.

Among these awards is the Cajal and Artificial Intelligence Award: AIR Institute, which can be entered until 31 March. To do so, participants must write a two-sided manuscript (8,000 characters including invisible characters) or submit a video of between four and six minutes' duration related to the figure of Cajal, cybernetics, AI or creativity. The winners will receive a commemorative coin, a trip, a collaborative stay at AIR Institute and publication in the tribute book, among other rewards that can be found here.

We encourage you to participate by registering for free. You will be able to listen to expert speakers from across different disciplines and be part of an event that will make the legacy of Santiago Ramón y Cajal even greater. The full schedule of events and activities can be found on the website created for the event.