AIR Institute participates in the Care Sector Meeting on the 10th anniversary of the SIVI Cluster

The Care Sector Meeting was recently held in Valladolid to mark the 10th anniversary of the Cluster of Innovative Solutions for Independent Living (SIVI). The main objective was to commemorate a decade of innovation, commitment and progress in the field of care and represented an opportunity to bring together professionals and experts in a space for reflection.

AIR Institute formed part of the group of cluster partners that exhibited their innovative technological solutions applied to the care sector, together with others such as ITCL Technology Centre, CARTIF, the University of Valladolid, the Red Cross and ARSOFT, among others.

Those attending the meeting had the opportunity to witness, through examples from projects, how technology is transforming and improving the care received by people and their wellbeing. From smart devices to mobile applications and digital platforms, the featured solutions reflected the latest technological innovations designed specifically for the field of care. In addition, participants were able to interact with AIR Institute developers and researchers and learn about the projects they are involved in, as well as explore their features and functions.

The SIVI Cluster and its partners are committed to driving innovation and promoting access to cutting-edge technological solutions in the care sector. The 10th anniversary meeting, according to the attending representatives of AIR Institute, was "enormously useful and enriching", and they hope to continue to be part of the initiative to improve people's quality of life.