NOUS project partners organizing a workshop on Cloud, Edge, and Quantum in cross-border innovation

As part of the activities organized by the NOUS project, the workshop on 'Merging Cloud, Edge and Quantum in cross-border innovation: The cornerstone of Europe's new digital Era' will take place on May 22nd. This online workshop aims to analyze the key aspects of Cloud, Edge, and Quantum in cross-border innovation, and ensure their proper development, and efficient operation.

The meeting will extensively focus on the three elements at the very core of the project, namely, computational components, edge computing, and storage. Individually, these elements have enabled significant advancements, however, the synergy derived from their combination has made it possible to create an end-to-end cloud architecture and services that will facilitate the efficient processing of big data in Europe.

The detailed project presentation will be followed by an interactive dashboard which will summarize the main actions to be taken at this stage of the project, aimed at consolidating computational and data storage resources. Additionally, at the end, participants will have time to ask questions arising from the presentation.

This European project, which pursues to be "A catalyst for EuropeaN ClOUd Services in the era of data spaces, high-performance and Edge computing" (NOUS) was launched in January 2024 and features a strong alliance between 21 partners from 11 European countries.

This initiative is to provide cloud infrastructure and platform as a service, specifically focused on decentralization. The effectiveness of this project will be measured on the basis of its implementation in four use cases, in which the developed technologies will be tested in real-world situations.

NOUS Partners:

AIR Institute , Aethon Engineering , University of Salamanca, National Centre For Scientific Research Demokritos, ICOOR, Polytechnic University of Turin, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, TIM Group, Netcompany-Intrasoft, IOTAM Internet of Things Applications and Multilayer Development LTDUniversity of Pisa, Unparallel Innovation, KU Leuven, HEWLETT - Packard Hellas Etai, Enabling Global Collaboration on Open Source Innovation, F6S Network Ireland Limited, Dimosia Epicheirisi Ilektrismou , ARCTUR, AEGIS Research , CS Group-France, INESC TEC