Salamanca City Council launching the fourth Senior Level Management and Innovation Programme for Women within the framework of Salamanca Tech

The Councillor for Economic Promotion from the Salamanca City Council, Pedro Martínez, has presented the fourth Senior Management and Innovation Programme for Women in public entities, the third sector, and private companies. The programme will run from 10 May to 18 December, at the TORMES+ Training and Entrepreneurship Centre, within the framework of the Salamanca Tech initiative.

The aim of this programme is to promote the role of women in management positions, as well as to strengthen the professional and personal skills of female workers with a technical profile, which will contribute to the modernisation of the administration and the business sector. In addition, this strategy aims to increase the presence and role of women in senior management positions and in the governing bodies of administrations, organisations and companies, thus bringing about genuine equality.

The programme will teach the latest business management techniques with training focused on better team management, in areas such as human resources, budgeting and economic-financial management; leading organisational change, decision-making, implementation and evaluation of programmes; and strategic planning, organisational design, digital transformation and marketing for effective communication in the 21st century.

The programme is open to 25 women from the public sector and 25 women from the private sector, who hold middle management positions and have a minimum of accredited work experience in positions of responsibility. The participants will receive comprehensive, structured and innovative training to enable them to take on greater management responsibilities in their organisations in the near future. The aim is to contribute to the development and modernisation of these organisations on an equal footing.

The registration period is open through the TORMES+ website and will end on 6 May or until all available places are taken. In the case of independent modules, registrations will be allowed up to one month before the start of the course as long as there are places available.

Details on the training modalities

The programme has been divided into two independent modalities: one aimed at women workers in public administrations and dependent bodies, and the other for women workers in the private sector, with 112 hours of training in each, both face-to-face and online via webinar.

The modality for public and third sector entities will cover the following topics: legal and financial environment, internal control and public accounting, management of subsidies and management of European projects, operational management and management skills.

For private companies, the following topics will be addressed: financial environment in the private sector, organisational design and SDGs, communication and marketing, operational management and management skills.

To deliver the training, the programme has renowned lecturers who will provide the theoretical foundations, as well as a practical and authentic approach based on their own experiences in the different areas.